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Here at SimoTime, we have developed a variety of software technologies. These technologies can greatly increase the productivity of your workplace. But don't take our word for it. Find out for yourself. Try it with a 30 day, money back guarantee. If you should decide the technology is inappropriate for your environment we will refund you the purchase price minus a 10% handling charge. Prices are listed at the bottom of this document. Further information may be obtained by sending an email to the helpdesk@simotime.com. The proceeds from the following technologies are used to fund this web site. We will also inform you of any updates to the technology so your software will always be up-to-date.

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SimoLYZE  Scan mainframe source code and determine the member type. The primary purpose of SimoLYZE is to do member typing and provide an overview of the number and type of members stored in a mainframe library or source code management facility. Prior to doing the initial scanning of the source code it must be downloaded from the mainframe to the PC.
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Note: Member typing is the process of storing a source member and then being able to determine its content without having to examine the member.
SimoVIEW  Provide for the quick conversion of BMS screens to HTML forms.
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SimoX390  Scan mainframe assembler source members. Identify macro and copy file dependencies.
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SimoZAPS  Provide a Hex Dump, File Convert, Translate, Modify and Format COBOL capability for ASCII/Text files.
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The following is a short summary of the content or function of SimoZAPS.
Function Description
HexCess This function will read a file and produce a new file containing hexadecimal dump information. The new file (SYSLOG) is ASCII/Text. In addition to the hexadecimal format the SYSLOG includes an EBCDIC and ASCII translation when possible.
Generate This function creates COBOL source code that provides for translation between ASCII/Text and EBCDIC files. The content (ASCII or EBCDIC), file record (variable and fixed), the record lengths and the file type (sequential, indexed or ASCII/Text may be are converted.
Convert   This function provides for translation between ASCII/Text and EBCDIC files. The content (ASCII or EBCDIC), record format (variable and fixed), the record lengths and the file type (sequential, indexed or ASCII/Text may be converted.
Compare  This function will compare the contents of two data files at the record level. Text string (by position and length) within each record may be selected for comparison. For keyed-indexed files missing or added records will be identified. Missing or added records may also be identified for sequential files if the files are sorted by a key field.
When a difference occurs the possible ASCII and EBCDIC values are displayed to the screen and written to a log file. A hexadecimal dump of the records is also displayed and written to the log file. This can be very useful in an environment where files have been downloaded from a mainframe in EBCDIC format.
Translate This function provides for simple translation between ASCII/Text and EBCDIC/80-byte files. Both the content (ASCII or EBCDIC) and file format (variable-text and fixed-80-byte) are converted.
Modify This function provides the capability of copying an ASCII/Text file. The content of the output file may be modified in the process. Individual records may be included or deleted based on their content. Also, individual records that are being copied may be modified using such keywords as insert, append, replace and more.
FormatCOBOL   This function simply provides a consistent use of upper and lower case for COBOL source code. Many times we work with COBOL code that has evolved over a number of years and the use of upper and lower case varies widely. With the consistent use of upper/lower case it makes the code easier to read and understand.
SimoREC1  Scan a COBOL copy file and provide an HTML formatted record layout showing the field names, length and position within the record. This program also has the capability of generating the COBOL source code for a callable routine that will do data translation at the field level between ASCII and EBCDIC.
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SimoMODS  This package includes a collection of callable subroutines.
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ASMOGENR This package includes a scanner program (ASMOGENR) for Mainframe Assembler Source Code that has been downloaded to a Windows System running Micro Focus. The purpose of ASMOGENR is to read table definitions that have been coded or generated in Mainframe Assembler using the DC and DS statements and create a non-executable member ( a .MOD File) for use with the EXEC CICS LOAD function provided in Micro Focus COBOL and Micro Focus Net Express or Studio,
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SimoWEB2 A copy of the SimoTime Web Site is available on CD or via Electronic Delivery. A connection to the Internet may not always be available and our web site has increased in size with valuable reference material and examples of mainframe and Internet programming techniques. Now you can obtain a copy of the SimoTime Web Site and have the speed, availability and convenience of a local machine or LAN.

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Certain evaluation copies will require a pre-approval and may require a based fee to cover our handling and helpdesk inquiries. Further information may be obtained from our purchase price list.

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