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Mainframe Assembler Analysis

The Issue
Many mainframe applications are written in COBOL. Many of these applications also have 370 assembler programs or sub-routines. Many of the 370 programs are over twenty years old. When it becomes necessary to change these programs it is a very time consuming process to identify the source members and their dependent macro and copy files.
Also, finding the CALL, LOAD and LINK statements can be very time consuming. SimoX390 is a utility program that can reduce the time required by providing the following capabilities.
1. Process a single source member or a list of source members and identify the macro and copy files used by each member.
2. Process a single source member or a list of source members and identify the statements containing a CALL, LOAD or LINK.
3. When scanning all source code identify embedded hexadecimal (i.e. non-printable) characters.
4. Provide an optional capability of identifying SVC usage.
SimoX390 will display and write the requested information to the SIMOX390.LOG file.

SimoX390 requires approximately 1MB of disk space. Windows/7, Windows/8 or Windows Server is the required operating system. The SimoX390 program, this documentation, the Installation Verification Procedures (IVP) and examples are provided in a zipped file.
Micro Focus technology with the Mainframe sub-system support is required.

In this environment the tasks are repetitive and run as automated processes. It is more important to be able to create a batch file than it is to have a graphical user interface that requires some human interaction during the execution process.
The command line format is simple:
c:\> SIMOX390 filename.ext HEX

Additional Information
SimoTime has the people and technology to assist in this effort. For more information about how we can help you simply send an e-mail note to or give us a call. or take a look at the User Guide at

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