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SimoTime has been in business for over twenty-five years and we have provided services and technology to small, medium and large companies. SimoTime has made the conscious decision to deliver "high value" at a fair and reasonable price point and this is a real challenge in today's economic environment. To help control cost we accept orders and payments via the Internet. Our use of PayPal helps us control cost while it protects our customer's privacy. In addition, we deliver our technologies electronically. We do accept other methods of ordering, payments and shipping to meet the special needs of some of our customers.

Further information may be obtained by sending an email to the helpdesk@simotime.com.

In today's world companies want the flexibility to move applications across systems based on business requirements, system processing power, data storage capacity, system security and more. SimoTime has focused on the movement of applications and data between large mainframe systems (ZOS and/or VSE) and distributed systems (Linux, UNIX and/or Windows). For the Linux, UNIX and Windows (LUW) environment Micro Focus technologies is a requirement for SimoTime technologies.

For many of the utility programs SimoTime incorporates a methodology that generates COBOL source code that may be compiled and executed on a variety of platform. With few exceptions the generated source code may be compiled on a mainframe (ZOS or VSE), the LUW platforms supported by Micro Focus and we even have some customers compiling and running on AS/400's.

We have made a significant effort to ensure the documents and software technologies are correct and accurate. We reserve the right to make changes without notice at any time. The function delivered in this version is based upon the enhancement requests from a specific group of users. The intent is to provide changes as the need arises and in a timeframe that is dependent upon the availability of resources.

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Payment Process and Price List

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The following table is a summary of the pricing for the SimoTEK2 technologies. The listed prices are in US dollars. SimoTime Enterprises reserves the right to make pricing changes based on its own business requirements.

Description Price
A Single User License. Generate non-executable members from data structures defined in Mainframe Assembler Source Code. This utility will execute in a Windows environment with Micro Focus. The non-executable can be generated in EBCDIC or ASCII and may be used with the EXEC CICS LOAD function in a Linux, UNIX or Windows environment that is supported by Micro Focus.
An Enterprise License for the preceding item.
A mimimum "Unit of Service" that is provided by SimoTime. This provides a convenient acquisition and payment process for small services requirements.
A Single User License. A suite of utility programs to provide Source Member Identification and Asset Repository Management.
An Enterprise License for the preceding item.
A Single User License. Commonly used utility programs or callable COBOL Programs.
An Enterprise License for the preceding item.
A Single User License. This Record Layout and Content Conversion Utility Program reads a COBOL Copy File and produces various outputs for reference material, documentation, data file conversion and data file comparison.
An Enterprise License for the preceding item.
A Single User License. A simple capability that converts BMS or MFS screens to HTML pages. This technology requires Micro Focus Mainframe Express with the MF/370 capability.
An Enterprise License for the preceding item.
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Requires special handling.
A Single User License. A quick analysis of the mainframe assembler programs and their dependent macro and copy files.
An Enterprise License for the preceding item.
A Single User License. This technology provides the following.
1. The ability to quickly convert the file format and modify the record content between ASCII and EBCDIC.
2. The ability to view or dump the content of a file in a hexadecimal display format.
3. The ability to compare the contents of two data files and to select the information to be compared within a record.
An Enterprise License for the preceding item. This package includes the preceding item plus additional members for the integration into the Micro Focus environment.
An Enterprise License for Application and Data Migration Technologies. This package includes SimoLYZE, SimoZAPS, SimoREC1 and SimoMODS.This technology package requires Windows/7 or later and Micro Focus COBOL.
A Single User License. The Hex-Scan programs read EBCDIC-encoded files of eighty-byte (80), fixed length records of mainframe source code. ASCII-encoded output files with variable length records (i.e. ASCII/Text) are produced. If an embedded hex character is encountered then four (4) comment statements of hex-dump information are inserted into the output file.
Description Price

Note: From the preceding list click on the underlined ID=Product Code for additional product information.

Note Description
1. Single License, provides for the installation of one copy on a single machine with one concurrent user.
2. Enterprise License, provides for the Installation of multiple copies throughout an enterprise and within the country of original purchase. An "employee home use" provision may be provided in this plan.
3. Special License, provides for the unique requirements of companies and projects. For more information contact the helpdesk@simotime.com.

Further information may be obtained by sending an email to the helpdesk@simotime.com.

Purchase Options, Product Descriptions and Pricing
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SimoTime Technologies and Services
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