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There have been many different approaches to transforming, converting, re-engineering, or emulating both BMS or MFS functionality to run on non-mainframe platforms. Some technologies were available and provided minimum conversion of certain screen elements that could then be imported into a "Forms" processing program.

Many of these approaches did not retain the screen positioning, field names or field attributes, it was the programmers task to complete the conversion.

Another early effort at porting mainframe screens was called "screen scraping". This technique used the generated 3270 byte stream information to display an HTML page and had the following advantages
1. No conversion required.
2. Could be done quickly.

It also had the following disadvantages.

1. In most environments the screen conversions took place at execution time.
2. Continued proliferation of mainframe methods into non-mainframe environments.
3. Requires the creation and access to the 3270 byte-stream members.
4. Limited capacity for change.
What is needed is a simple capability that converts BMS or MFS screens to native HTML pages. SimoVIEW provides this capability while retaining the various data element names and positions on the HTML page.


SimoVIEW for BMS provides for the quick conversion of BMS screens to HTML pages and is supported for Windows/7, Windows/8 or Windows Server . SimoVIEW provides the following capabilities.

1.  Support for the standard 24x80 character screens maintaining the original field locations on the screen.
2.  Support for the 3270, model 5 screens maintaining the original field locations on the screen.
3.  Support for multiple maps within a mapset.
4.  Support for remapping function keys to submit buttons.
5.  Support for JAVA Scripting to do functions such as cursor positioning.
6.  Support for externally defining the foreground and background colors.
7.  Support for externally defining font types and size.
8.  Support for externally defining header and footer information for a screen. This is useful for adding a company logo or other information to the top or bottom of a screen.
9.  Support for embedded 370 assembler statements.
10. Support for filtering HTML tags from mainframe screen text.

Additional Information
SimoTime has the people and technology to assist in this effort. For more information about how we can help you simply send an e-mail note to or take a look at the User Guide at

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